Get ready for upcoming Artist Showcase August 26th 2016

Enter State Fair Forms are due by September 16th, 2016 Enter now details are on the event page.

New project:  The coloring book wall. Students are creating line art to fit the theme heavens, earth, and ocean. I will take all the line art from students and create a compilation of their work into one scene. The scene will then be made into wallpaper for students and parents to color.

Fabric design, Students create a design then learn how to make a repeat pattern using Illustrator. The design is then sent to a textile company and produced on the students choice of material. Students then will create a product from the fabric. 

Please visit this wonderful exhibit! You and your family will not be disappointed. Students have explored Eschers techniques and will really understand the concept around his work.  I can't wait to hear your feedback from the exhibit!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.55.51 PM.png

NC State Fair: Students are getting ready for the state fair arts and photography competition. Entry forms can be downloaded here.  Or go to NC state fair premiums book 2015 competitions /art and photography. Individual student.  Forms are due by September 18th Drop off is not until October.

Wire sculpture:  Students are using various gages of wire to create and form subjects figuratively.

MC Esher Project:  Each student studies the artist M.C. Esher and completes a project after him. These pieces have been submitted for a show at the NC art museum. Still excepting entries. Date to be announced

Smile Train Project: Students submitted 6x9 paintings of smiles. These painting will be on display in February at a gallery, to be announced. The painting will be auctioned to pay for children born with clef pallets.

Design Project: Students learn to created geometric designs using graph paper as well as free style drawing to create repeat pattens. In Photoshop they edit and arrange the patterns to suit their style.  The patterns will be used to produce fabric, wallpaper, stickers and wrapping paper. Students then produce a product from their design. A design showcase to come!

 Homework: Students are encouraged to sketch daily using the techniques taught in class. Please vist the website blog for ideas and inspiration.