Homework: Students are encouraged to sketch daily using the techniques taught in class. Please vist the website blog for ideas and inspiration.

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Great apps to compliment your child’s art education. Use these apps in conjunction with a regular sketch book homework

Adobe Line

Adobe capture

Adobe Draw

Adobe Mix



This is a really creative game and a lot of fun. It's a series of puzzles for artists or anyone who's into details and subtleties. For adults and children sharpen your skills for seeing color.  Adult and children do one game then try to repeat with real colors. Colored pencils, acrylic paint, pencils and sketchbook is all you need.

2. One Touch Drawing

Test your brain with an amazing drawing game. This game teaches critical thinking and helps with the process of contour drawing.  Thinking ahead to draw an object with one continuous line with no repeat. Adults and children complete a drawing then do one in your own sketch book.

4. Adobe Kuler 

Using Kuler to create a color scheme for paintings, graphic design, decoration, and fashion.  Student take a picture of something you love. Kuler will create a color scheme from that picture. Paint or draw a picture using that color scheme.

5. Random Pose

A mannequin app with muscles.  You can pose the subject from any angle.


Reference apps for drawing and painting ideas

I Bird,   Floral ID,   Random Pose,  Identify Tree,   Cast Draw 4