Christine MacLellan

As an art teacher, I enjoy seeing my students artistically grow as I share the skills and information I have to offer and I find it rewarding to see their excitement, and sense of accomplishment  that comes with learning.

My interests in the arts is wide I enjoy figurative, landscape, abstract, digital as well as a variety of other media. Please feel free to visit my website to see my most recent paintings or for more information about my art.

I have learned the techniques used in classical realistic painting and drawing and I involve myself with the ideas and concerns of the contemporary art world.



Taylor MacLellan

Since child hood I've been heavily involved in the arts and music. I've recently started teaching and have quickly experienced the satisfaction of watching students excel at their work. It is incredibly rewarding to see the sense of accomplishment in a students eyes when having completed a project.

My practices include abstract and landscape painting as well as simplistic, figurative, digital and realistic drawing.

I believe with discipline and regular practice any student can become a skilled and well respected artist. I strive to encourage this behavior in all of them.









Architha Hindipur

As a young artist I have the passion to create works of art. I enjoy painting a lot and also love trying new things.

   I have been at Rushing Water Studios for five and a half years now, and I cherish every moment of it. Which is why I decided I should start interning to share my love and passion for art with other young students.

    Interning at Rushing Water Studios is growing my love and passion for art and Mrs. Christine’s help and guidance makes it even more special. It is also helping me understand the different aspects of art better, and I get to work with different tools and materials every time as I always have something new to learn. Since I have joined Rushing Water Studios I have never regretted any finished product I have gotten from the very first day.